Bicentennial Campaign Projects

Rendering of renovated Webb Hall

State of the Art Learning

Center for Writing

Center for Writing

We find ourselves in the midst of an explosion of scientific possibility. Genomics, nanotechnology, augmented reality, big data and other powerful new tools enable us to understand more, and to do more with that understanding, than ever before in human history. We need to sustain and extend the work of discovery. Education is no longer defined by long hours of individual study, research papers or lecture halls. Faculty and students are asking questions whose complexity demands forging new connections and crossing traditional boundaries. Reconfiguring the map of knowledge began with the campaign’s $6.5 million renovation to Kreitzberg Library to serve as an epicenter for experimentation, research, discussion and the exploration of new ideas. But it’s only the beginning of the campus-wide transformation designed to set a standard for innovation in teaching and learning to engage the leaders of tomorrow. Dewey Hall, Webb Hall, Ainsworth Hall, and the new Mack Hall, will create an intellectual landscape where cross-disciplinary thinking will flourish, and making and doing will thrive.

A Hub for Inspiration and Innovation

The infrastructure for active-learning requires a new architecture for student success in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Advances in technology open new possibilities for how faculty teach and how students learn. At the nexus of theory and practice, active-learning outside of the classroom connects students to undergraduate research, international study, internships and mentoring opportunities. We must intentionally shape our campus for the next century with room for collaboration, labs that spur experimentation, and spaces that ignite discourse and unite diverse views.

Mack Hall

The capstone of the Forging the Future Campaign, this $24 million academic building will create a modern, flexible hub for active, engaged learning. Interactive classrooms, case study rooms, pocket lounges, a high-tech, cyber-security War Room, and a 400-seat auditorium and performing arts center will support collaborative interaction, panel discussions and lectures. Mack Hall will encourage the exchange of ideas across diverse disciplines, from liberal arts to information assurance, to business management and criminal justice studies, now and in future.

Webb Hall

Webb Hall first floor

Webb level 100

Active-style classroom

Active-style classroom

Reflecting the evolution of teaching and learning in higher education, Webb Hall will feature two different classroom styles: traditional lecture halls and technology enabled spaces for collaborative active-learning. Webb Hall will have a number of seminar and meeting rooms to allow for high-level classroom discussions in smaller settings or for faculty/student meetings and academic mentoring. A Writing and Language Resource Center and Computer Lab will hone student writing and communication skills and aid linguistic proficiency.

Dewey Hall

Dewey Hall second floor

Dewey level 200

Seminar Room

Seminar Room

Named after Admiral George Dewey, the $6.5 renovation to Dewey Hall will modernize the oldest building standing on the Norwich campus today. Specialty labs, including a Neurology Lab, Psychology Lab, and Cognitive Lab will enhance students’ learning experience as well as provide all the necessarily tools for lab research and academic study. Three seminar rooms will allow for high-level class discussions in a small, intimate setting.

Ainsworth Hall

Ainsworth Hall will feature active learning technologies and tech tools such as lecture capture and e-learning access for enhanced scholarship. Digital resources in the classrooms will create a flexible, dynamic ecosystem with custom pathways for learning and degree success, and enable the adoption of hybrid models that support students’ personalized learning goals. Faculty/student meetings and academic mentoring spaces will provide an environment for one-on-one support and small group interaction.